Monthly 80 hrs/mth
1,150 USD  / month
This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 30 days
Minimum Commitment 6 months

*Your account is credited 80 booking credits each month.
*Use your booking credits to schedule any table and equipment.
*Limit one table and one piece of equipment at a time.
*Once credits run out, prepaid hourly rates will apply before booking.
*One free dry storage shelf included in your plan.
*One free cold storage shelf included in your plan.
*One free frozen storage shelf included in your plan.
*Access to two perks.
*Add extra storage for a fee.

  • Extra Dry Storage Shelf
    35.00 USD / month
  • Extra Cold Storage Shelf
    50.00 USD / month
  • Extra Frozen Storage
    50.00 USD / month
Booking Credits
  • Table A - Cooking After Hours / Table A - Cooking Prime Time / Table B - Cooking After Hours + 13 more
    Price per hour: 14.38 USD
    80h/month included (combined)
  • 30 qt Mixer / Charbroiler / Convection Oven + 6 more
    Price per hour: 0.00 USD
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